COVID-19 in California: Affected Industries in San Diego County

COVID-19 in California: Affected Businesses in San Diego County

Aug 17, 2020

After several months since the COVID-19 outbreak in San Diego County, businesses have started to lift lockdown measures. And although social distancing actions are required, over the past two weeks, the county has failed the standard for disease transmission.

As of August 4th, there have been 30,516 confirmed COVID-19 cases in San Diego County. Local officials closely monitor the figures, weigh and control when and how businesses should reopen.

In an article from March 2020, the California Budget & Policy Center stated that industries like leisure and hospitality would be primarily affected by COVID-19, followed by retail trade. Their predictions were based on the data of the number of jobs of 2019:

COVID-19 in California: Affected Businesses in San Diego County

Note: The number of jobs reflects the 2019 annual average of non-seasonally-adjusted monthly employment data. Source: Budget Center analysis of the Employment Development Department Data

Unemployment Rate in San Diego County

San Diego has suffered a 12.1% increase in the unemployment rate compared to 2019. Like predicted by the California Budget & Policy Center, leisure and hospitality, also known as accommodation, have been the sector with the most significant number of lost jobs since February, followed by Retail Trade.

These are the California state unemployment numbers for the five industries with major loss:

  • Accommodation and food service – 759,000 lost jobs
  • Retail trade – 280,300 lost jobs
  • Health care and social assistance – 240,400 lost jobs
  • Government – 185,800 lost jobs
  • Other services – 168,200 lost jobs

Source: State of California Employment Department

New Opportunities Through Digital Marketing

Despite the losses, the majority of businesses have had due to the pandemic; there are still new opportunities for growth through Digital Marketing.

Based on what we see at Hite Digital, with our San Diego partners, some of the types of businesses experiencing an increase in traffic are financial hoarding, e-commerce, e-learning and coaching, home improvement, and real estate.

Don’t make the mistake of cutting down your marketing budget…

It may sound controversial, but since several other businesses have cut down their marketing budget, you may benefit from it. PPC costs, for instance, have decreased.

Another way of investing and guaranteeing a strong online presence when everything goes back to normal is SEO.

SEO will allow you to focus on your brand and improve the clients you’re getting in the long run. As well as correct and enhance your services or products; based on what people are looking for and need.

Hite Digital Can Help With Your Marketing Efforts

Like you, we’re helping many other business owners in San Diego County with their marketing efforts.

We can work together to find the best solution for your business and maintain growth even during difficult times like COVID-19. We believe in selling through services; we strive to make our clients see us as their business partners. If they lose, we lose, which is why we care and take the time to investigate, study data, and test different approaches.

If you want a real marketing assessor, who will look after your business as if it was his own, we invite you to learn more about how we can help and what opportunities there are for your business.



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