COVID-19 in California: Affected Businesses in Los Angeles County

COVID-19 in California: Affected Businesses in Los Angeles County

Aug 17, 2020

COVID-19 is taking a toll on most businesses in Los Angeles County. As of August 3rd, there have been 193,877 positive cases.

A few months ago, the California Budget & Policy Center predicted the industries that could be affected by COVID-19 in Los Angeles County, CA, based on the number of jobs from non-seasonal 2019 data are:

COVID-19 Affected Businesses in Los Angeles County

Note: The number of jobs reflects the 2019 annual average of non-seasonally-adjusted monthly employment data. Source: Budget Center analysis of the Employment Development Department Data

As expected, the number of layoffs in Los Angeles has been tremendous and increased from 4% to 20.3% compared to 2019. Like the predictions from the California Budget & Policy Center, statewide the two industries with the most significant number of lost jobs since February are:

  • Accommodation and food service, with 759,000 lost jobs
  • Retail Trade, with 280,300 lost jobs

Source: State of California Employment Department

Transportation and warehousing on the other side have had a lower impact, with 56,600 lost jobs.

Keep in mind that if your business has suffered financial losses from COVID-19, Los Angeles County is still offering loans to help recover from this health emergency.

Sectors That Are Getting Sales & Clients

Based on what we’re seen at Hite Digital, some of our partners are having success in Los Angeles County with hoarding, e-commerce, e-learning and coaching, home improvement, and real estate, specifically for home selling.

So as you can see, not all numbers are discouraging; it’s still possible to invest and thrive during the crisis.

Digital Marketing Can Help Your Business Grow

One way to grow your business is by investing in your digital marketing efforts. Many companies make the mistake of cutting down completely their marketing budget.

Although we’re still living a moment of uncertainty, COVID-19 will pass, we’re already learning to live with it, and many businesses have started to open their doors to the public. Regardless of your industry, you want to make sure you’re out there when clients start needing you the most.

Paid Advertising’s Costs Are Lower

As several business owners have cut down their budget for PPC, numerous industries are getting lower CPCs, even though many people are more hesitant to make a purchase. According to Socialbeakers, CPM is also lower across the board of all industries.

SEO – An Affordable Way to Build Online Presence

You also have SEO. Comparatively to PPC, SEO is cheaper, and although it won’t get you immediate results, it will help your business grow and get more solid benefits in the long run. Through SEO, it’s possible to expand on your brand, interact with your customers by providing useful information through content, and slowly refining the type of traffic your website gets.

We Can Help You Get Results

Like you, Hite Digital is helping many other businesses in Los Angeles County with their digital marketing efforts. We can help you plan a strategy to get you back on your feet and take advantage of the low costs caused by COVID-19.

You don’t need to walk the rocky path on your own; together, we’ll find a solution that works for you and your business.



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