Number of jobs affected by the COVID-19 pandemic in San Francisco and San Mateo Counties

COVID-19 in California: Affected Businesses in Alameda and Contra Costa Counties

Aug 17, 2020

The global crisis caused by COVID-19 has put a toll on all businesses in Alameda and Contra Costa. Two thousand twenty unemployment rates have been much higher than expected across the whole country. In early March, the California Budget & Policy Center estimated that the industries with a higher number of employees would be the most affected by the economic downturn. 

Let’s take a close look at the data for non-seasonal employments in Alameda and Contra Costa.

Number of jobs affected by the COVID-19 pandemic in Alameda and Contra Costa Counties

Note: The number of jobs reflects the 2019 annual average of non-seasonally-adjusted monthly employment data. Source: Budget Center analysis of the Employment Development Department Data

It was predicted that leisure and hospitality would be the industries with the most significant losses, with a loss so far of 42,800 jobs. However, there’s still employment growth in different sectors in the middle of so much loss, and the unemployment rate has started to decline for Alameda and Contra Costa Counties.

Historical trend of unemployment rate for Alameda and Contra Costa Counties

Note: Historical trend of the unemployment rate for Alameda and Contra Costa Counties. Source: Labor Market Information Division of the Employment Development Department Data

Industries That Are Recovering

Some of the sectors that have started to recover are:

  • Local government educational services – 3,800 job increase
  • Federal government – 2,900 job increase
  • Professional and business services – 2,300 job increase
  • Private educational and health services – 1,300 job increase
  • Health care and social assistance – 1,500 job increase

Investing in Times of Uncertainty

Undoubtedly we all have to continue coping with COVID-19; the losses will keep happening. However, there are still ways to invest during uncertain times.

One way is to go back to the basics and make sure you stabilize and build a stronger foundation for your business. Look back at the mistakes you have made and how you can improve, study your market’s new needs, and come up with new alternatives and solutions to fulfill them. 

Make a Personal Commitment

The best way to thrive during challenging times is by having a personal commitment. Make your business personal, think about what is more important in life, and how you can make it happen through your work, whether it’s family, personal and professional growth, helping your community, etc.  

Sell Through Service

Selling through service will also make a difference. At Hite Digital, we are a fan of the “six levels of customer service” developed by Ron Kaufman. Build a relationship with your prospects even before they become your clients and look into ways to improve their whole experience. 

Digital Marketing Can Help You Grow

Digital Marketing can help you grow, depending on the type of business you own, the strategy will change. However, as a general rule, you shouldn’t stop advertising and investing in your brand. While some companies shut down their digital marketing efforts, others support even more during the crisis, and you should be one of them too. 

SEO – The Infinite Game

Study your marketing strategy and think outside the box; think of it as an infinite game, as Simon Sinek would say. Taking new challenges will keep your business alive, so don’t focus on the losses, instead of solutions.

SEO can help you get answers, find out what your prospects are needing, improve your engagement with them, and better fulfill their needs. Be open to changes and embrace them; doing so will set you up for success. If you would like to have a better idea of how SEO can help your business, one of our digital marketing experts would be more than happy to assist you.



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