6 Digital Marketing Tips For Landscaping Businesses

March 23, 2021

Every business is different, so their approaches to digital marketing must also be unique. Landscaping businesses can benefit from digital marketing, but how? Let’s explore 6 tips to make your digital marketing work better for your landscaping business.

Start a blog

Often, online users are not necessarily looking to hire your services. They may just be looking for information about landscaping, gardening, or yard maintenance. However, this is a chance for you to engage them anyway.

By starting a blog where you address topics related to your business and answer your potential customers’ questions, you can:

  1. Set yourself up as an expert in landscaping
  2. Increase awareness of your business online
  3. Engage online users who weren’t previously looking for your services
  4. Rank higher on search engines for a wider variety of keywords

Starting a blog is easy; just add a blog page to your website and post consistently about topics that would interest your ideal audience. If you do SEO with an agency, your SEO strategist can include blogs in your strategy.

Add downloads and guides to your ads

Another way to showcase your expertise and provide value is in your paid ads. Offering customers tips and advice on landscaping improves how your audience views you and helps them see that you can actually help them.

You can:

  1. Create longer guides and add them to your ads as a download. Request people’s contact info for the download, and then target them in follow-up ads, emails, and more.
  2. Include how-tos and tips in your ads, then make an offer for a relevant service.

Run Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads can be a powerful tool to find new landscaping clients. Facebook not only has over a billion active users, but the Facebook Ads platform also has very specific targeting options. This means you can easily find customers who are more likely to hire your services.

A powerful tool Facebook offers is Lookalike Audiences. You can target people who share similarities with your current customers but who have never engaged with your business before, expanding your potential customer base.

You can also take advantage of Facebook Ads’ unique features by including beautiful photos and/or videos of your work in your ads. Photos will catch your audience’s attention and serve as proof of your work.

Create a follow-up system

You may get many leads with your ads, but if you don’t close them, what’s the point? Use a tool like High Level to follow up on your leads through emails, texts, calls, and more. An automated follow-up system will not only make sure your leads are engaged and nurtured but also take the work off your shoulders. With automation, you’ll never forget to call or contact a lead — the system will automatically do it.

Include reviews on your website

Like photos in your ads, reviews from previous customers are powerful proof of your work, quality, and customer service. If your customers have left you reviews on Facebook, Google My Business, and Yelp, that’s a great start. But you should also add those reviews to your website. You’ll be directing potential customers to your website, and seeing other customers’ opinions of your business will convince them to convert and give you a call.

Hire an agency

The best way to apply all of the previous tips and incorporate them into a holistic digital marketing strategy is to hire an agency. A digital marketing agency will create a customized plan for your landscaping business, combining paid advertising, SEO, web design, and a follow-up system to bring you more conversions and customers.


Tatiana Chamorro

Owner Partner - Hite Digital Dallas

A creative and energetic marketer with a background in visual communications, Tatiana leads marketing strategy through a thoughtful consideration and love for visual aesthetics. She is the owner-partner at Hite Digital Dallas and Vice President at Hite Creative and holds a Bachelor of Arts and a Master of Science in Marketing from Texas A&M-Commerce.



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