3 Ways COVID-19 Shifted Digital Marketing- And How To Take Advantage Of It

February 5, 2020

COVID-19 shook every industry globally last spring and summer, and digital marketing was no exception. In some ways, digital marketing suffered as many businesses pulled their marketing budget and stopped advertising (online or offline), causing a 4.6% decline in ad spend.

However, the pandemic also pushed businesses to shift, innovate, and change according to users’ behavior and needs, especially how they market themselves online. These changes continue into 2021, and if you understand them, you can use them to your advantage in your own business.

Lowered CPC and higher traffic

In terms of Facebook Ads, ads are especially cost-efficient right now. Ever since the 19% decrease in cost-per-click on Facebook Ads from January 2020 to March 2020, CPC has remained low across many industries. Likewise, CPM (cost per thousand impressions) went down and is now at about $1 on average.

Also, as more people stayed home (and continue to do so), we’re seeing more traffic in general on search engines, mostly driven towards online shopping and information about current events and businesses.

How to take advantage of it: Develop a Facebook Ads strategy to go along with your current marketing strategy, so you can get more business through Facebook for a low cost. With a small increase in budget, you might be able to get a lot of impressions and some leads through FB.

A rise in e-commerce

Again, when the COVID-19 pandemic hit, consumers stopped visiting brick-and-mortar stores, opting instead to look online for all their needs — even things they wouldn’t have bought online before. Following this consumer behavior, many businesses launched online stores or upgraded their websites to e-commerce, increasing e-commerce sales from 11% of all retail sales to 14.5%.

How to take advantage of it: Take a piece of the e-commerce pie and create your own e-commerce site. Better yet, if you already have an online store, this is the time to improve it. Work with a web designer and an SEO expert to improve your store’s user experience and start to optimize your products individually.

A focus on local

With consumers feeling unwilling to travel far to shop, eat, and more, they started to search for local businesses to go to, utilizing the “near me” option even more. Even further, consumers wanted to know information about their local businesses: did they deliver? Were they even open anymore? In the case of medical facilities, were they offering telemedicine?

In response to this, Google made updates to Google My Business, giving businesses the space to add this information and appear on local searches. In 2020, they launched options to add special hours such as senior hours, whether they offered telemedicine, and more. They also added health and safety measures so businesses could reassure customers.

How to take advantage of it: Optimize your Google My Business profile. Use all of these new options, add all the information possible, and update your profile consistently with posts, photos, and responses to reviews. This will help your profile appear in local searches and capture local business.

Keep Growing During COVID-19

The pandemic isn’t over, and many shifts have happened in marketing. You need a team of experts to guide your online marketing strategy through these changing times. Hite Digital develops and executes a well-rounded strategy for your business while keeping on top of current trends.


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