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Facebook Real Estate Campaign

Jul 12, 2019

If you’re wondering why you should advertise your Real Estate company on Facebook, you should ask yourself one key question: Do you want to generate more leads? If the answer is yes, then it’s time for you to start advertising on Facebook.

In order to run a successful Real Estate campaign, you must understand your target market. You must strategize according to your listing prices. These helpful tips will help you create a killer campaign and generate tons of leads. 

Detailed Targeting

The first thing you should consider is your target audience. Once again, if you have this in mind  from the beginning, it will allow you to start generating qualified leads early on.

You can target your audience in different ways and separate them into ad sets. You can choose as many ad sets as you want, and make them as specific as you want them to be. In the end, it will all depend on the type of leads you want your business to receive. See a few examples below of target audiences that I have personally used and that have worked successfully on our Real Estate campaigns:

Job Titles


It is crucial to consider the type of Real Estate you are selling or renting. Is it for families, single people, people with a higher income than average, etc.? With that in mind, here are a few more examples of what your targeting can be based on:

Relationship Status (e.g. single, married, divorced)

Education Level (e.g. college graduate, some high school, doctorate degree)


Usually, age will depend on the type of house/apartment that you are selling. If it is for single people, then you know what ‘Relationship Status’ to target. Also, the ages might be a bit lower (25-35 years old). If you are selling a home, it tends to be bought by families, so target people who are married and also those who may have children. 

Remember to separate each of these targets into separate ad sets so you can monitor individual performance and then optimize your campaign accordingly. 

Custom Audience

You will also get a positive impact on your campaign when you start implementing custom audiences. You can add them to your existing ad sets, or create separate ad sets targeting ONLY these audiences. 

Below, you can see a campaign we are currently running and the cost per result of each ad set.

These are some of the custom audiences you should consider:

Hash Files

A good practice is to use IMT files.  You can then add them to your campaign and create a lookalike audience.

Website Visitors

If you are a Real Estate company, many people will visit your website to see other listings you may have or to gather more information on the listing that you are advertising for. Make sure the website has Facebook Pixel installed so you can create this custom audience. You will have the following options:

  1. All website visitors
  2. People who visited specific web pages
  3. Visitors by time spent

Submitted Lead Forms

This custom audience works really well when creating a lookalike audience of people who have previously submitted a lead form. Usually, you just want to target the lookalike audience and exclude the people who already submitted the lead form. This way your ads reach new potential leads, instead of targeting the same people who have already completed an action. 

Engaged With Your Facebook Page

Once again, this works similarly to “website visitors,” although no code needs to be installed. This ad set will perform even better if your page has more content or if people are actively posting on the page. This will allow your campaign manager to reach your custom audiences faster. 

Follow Up Sequence

Since you will definitely be receiving leads from your advertised listings, you MUST have a follow-up sequence set up. Personally, I use Zapier, which is very user-friendly and easy to use. 

On Zapier, you create settings so that when a lead submits a form, you will immediately get an email notification with their information (according to the questions you asked on the lead form). This way is quite easy for you to follow up on someone who has shown interest in one of your listings. 

You definitely can use other forms to follow up on your leads, but it is necessary that you are on top of them so you can do a proper follow-up.

Remember that there is not a specific success formula when it comes to campaign creation, but with what we have discussed above, it will certainly make your campaign much easier to manage once you know your buyers’ profile and target the right people.


Isabella Mantica

Digital Marketing Engineer

Digital Marketing Engineer at Hite Digital. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing & Publicity. Since graduating, I’ve pursued my passion in digital marketing, in which I now have 1.6 years of experience.



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