Google My Business: a Digital Marketing Product?

Sept 21, 2020

Business’ listings are the latest digital marketing trend, especially for location-based-strategies.  They allow businesses to show up in search results when people are looking for them online. 

Google My Business or GMB is the most important online listing of all. It was developed by Google to provide reliable business information to users. Besides, it’s a great way to connect fast and easily with potential clients.  

Why Offer Google My Business

Google My Business is a win-win solution for your company. Let’s explore how it can benefit your Digital Marketing Agency and your customers. 

Benefits for Customers


Google My Business adds another link to your customer’s site and search engines tend to give more credit to local listings. Consequently, it’ll provide the platform with quality links that can boost the website ranking. 

Besides, as the business information will be accurate and consistent across the web,  GMB positively impacts the local SEO strategy. 

Improve Online Visibility

When a Google user searches for products or services, the first thing they see is the GMB listing. And, if a business doesn’t have a GMB profile, it won’t show up in the search result page, leading to potential sale loss. 

Depending on how much valuable and accurate information has been provided,  your customer’s business could or could not appear in the top results. For this reason, always keep the business’ data up to date and don’t let any incomplete information. 

Local Searches

More than 80% of people search the web to find local information and Google uses the cell phone GPS or a computer IP address to suggest the best results.

Commonly, users write keywords like “Italian restaurant near me” or “supermarket near me” to find local options and then, decide where to purchase. Keep in mind that the “near me” keyword isn’t needed for Google to suggest results based on location. 

Improve Authority

When you claim and confirm your Google My Business account, you become a reliable source of information and potential customers are most likely to purchase from trustworthy companies.

Additionally, a GMB profile improves your authority as a business. Sometimes, clients cannot find a business location and they add it to Google Maps by themselves. This could result in inaccurate data. 

Benefits for Your Agency

GMB is free, which makes it affordable for small and big businesses. So, as an agency owner, you will generate income from Google’s free service. 

There are many more benefits and being a free tool isn’t the best of all. Here are the three main advantages of GMB:

Easy To Do

Claiming a Google My Business account is easy and the platform will request basic information about your customer’s company. Also, we recommend reading the guidelines and adhere to them. 

Let’s explore the steps you should follow when creating a Google My Business profile:

  1. Log in to the Google Account you want to associate GBM with. 
  2. Go to Google My Business and select “Start now”. 
  3. Enter the business name.
  4. Enter the business address.
  5. Choose the business category.
  6. Add the business phone number and website.
  7. Choose a verification method. 

And that’s it – in just seven steps, the process is complete. 

Offer as on Add-On

Nowadays, Google My Business is an essential part of the pay-per-click advertising services you provide as an agency. So, it’s a good idea to sell GBM as an add-on service. 

In this case, you could explain that a well-maintained profile can give up to five more views than usual and then, offer the following:

  • A Google My Business listing profile verified and claimed by a Digital Marketing Strategist.
  • Full ownership of Google My Business listing profile. 
  • The connection between Google My Business and your Digital Marketing platform. 

Adds Value

Google My Business is a cost-effective tool to increase your profit since it’s free and everyone can access it. Besides, GMB encourages users’ interaction by using call-to-action buttons in the profile. So, potential customers are able to call or send a message right away. 

As an agency, you aren’t just proposing an online business listing, but a valuable solution that will enhance your customer’s experience by reducing the barriers between them and their potential clients.

What To Offer

Regular Post

When customers find a business on Google Maps, they can choose to follow it. Once someone follows that business, they’ll get updates about it, including offerings. 

This way, you can thank customers for following you and they get a first-time deal. To set up an offer, open Google My Business and go to your profile. Then, under “Turn followers into customers,” click on ‘Create Welcome Offer’. 

Now, let’s explore the offer’s structure:

  • Title 
  • Description
  • Coupon Code – Optional
  • Terms and Conditions – Optional
  • Website – Optional

Note: You can preview the message and proceed to publish it.

Optimization of Their GMB profile

Your customers might already have a GMB profile or perhaps their business’ information changed. So, you could offer optimization services by adding as much information and media as you can. 

Here’s a list of the information you should include and update in your customer’s profile:

  • Business’ Logo
  • Business’ Description
  • Contact Information
  • Opening Hours 
  • Location 
  • Cover and Product’s Photos (Make new ones, if necessary)

Also, choose the most accurate business’ category. 

Regular Updates

Every business is allowed to see how many followers they have and they even receive a notification when getting a new one. So, this is a metric you should report to your clients. 

Google My Business has an insights dashboard where you can analyze data from both organic search results and Google Ads. This includes views, searches, and action. You could update your clients with the following:

  • How customers search for their business. 
  • The most common actions that customers take on their listing. 
  • When and how many times customers call their business.
  • The number of times their business photos have been viewed. 

There are plenty of other reports or insights you could share with your customers. Learn more about it here

The Ultimate Digital Marketing Tool 

Google My Business is changing the way we connect to potential customers. Hite Digital offers white label services, including Google My Business. Get in touch with us to learn more about our digital marketing products and boost your agency growth now. 


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