5 Ways Content Affects SEO

May 27, 2020

Many see SEO as just link building, onsite optimization, and more strategies like these, but forget that content is vital to SEO. Content is one of the keys to planning an effective SEO strategy, and one of the most important aspects of proper SEO.

Let’s take a more in-depth look at five ways content affects SEO, and how much it can help you get the results you projected when planning your strategy.


Written content used as part of the SEO strategy is better known as content marketing since that is its direct purpose. Content marketing works as a subset in inbound marketing because thanks to the information each content provides, people are brought to your website and become leads.

Since Google’s algorithms have been developing, now more than ever, content marketing plays a vital role since, without content, you won’t rank in search engines. Google and other search engines can determine good content from repetitive, keyword-stuffed, clickbait, low-quality content, and they will reward good content.

You must make sure your content:

  • Is 350 to 400 words
  • Is fresh and unique
  • Answers your searcher’s questions
  • Contains good keyword targeting
  • Posts on pages that are indexed


Content helps SEO by adding relevance since it helps explain to clients what you offer, what your expertise is, your location, and how important your service or product is for the consumer. The more information you provide to readers, the more credibility you give to your business and your site, in Google’s eyes.


With the correct content and an effective website, visitors will get more attracted to what you have to say and offer. Therefore you will have more chances of appearing in the first search results. This helps you have more authority over your competitors once you are above them in the search results. Google and other search engines also use content to determine your authority — how much of an expert you are in your subject — and suggest your content to searchers.

Links to your site and bring leads

The purpose of a well-written, clear, and straightforward marketing content for your SEO strategy is to attract what could become your potential clients. Once your content shows on search engine result pages, all it takes for those who are interested is to click your link and direct them to your website. After they do so, they become leads.

Redirect leads to a specific service or product

Content helps your SEO by leading potential customers to a specific service or product through a service page. This helps a lot if you have integrated a new service or a new product on your website. Write creative content talking about the benefits and features of this new service or product, and when someone searches for a similar product, they will be more likely to find yours.

Content Writing At Hite Digital

At Hite Digital, we are the digital marketing agency of agencies. We help scale agencies through our digital marketing services. One of our specialties is SEO, and content writing plays an important role in our clients’ SEO strategies.

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