5 Awesome SEO Blogs To Read Right Now

May 27, 2020

Every business needs to think about search engine optimization. Whether you have a website or you haven’t built one yet, SEO is going to be a key factor to your success online and your brand visibility. If you want to learn more about SEO and what it does for your business, reading the best SEO blogs is a great way to start.
Whether you’re an agency owner wanting to learn about SEO as a service or a business who wants to increase their visibility through SEO, these blogs can help.

1. Moz

Moz is known as the most trusted site for all things SEO. If you’re new, they will teach you the basics with simple and updated educational resources. On Moz’s blog, you will learn from the most experienced SEO professionals. And you can be more than sure that is excellent content, because SEOs know good content. Check out their Whiteboard Friday series especially.

2. Search Engine Journal

If you want to learn a little bit more than SEO, you can check the Search Engine Journal which covers PPC content as well as SEO. They have a mix of content perfect for beginners and essential updates and tips for more experienced SEOs so they can expand their knowledge. Learning how search engines work and how and why they index your website’s pages is key to taking advantage of SEO.

3. Search Engine Watch

If you want to learn more about the general trends in marketing and advertising, you have to read the Search Engine Watch blog. You will be provided with the most recent and future trends, like mobile and voice search, for example. If you want to stay up to date with the fast-moving world of SEO, this blog is for you.

4. Search Engine Land

Search Engine Land is the best site to read of any topic related to search engines but mostly emphasized on SEO. You’ll get updates to search engines and any search engine related product. In general, you’ll be provided with educational information useful to anyone interested in search engine marketing.

5. SEO Book

SEO Book is directly focused on SEO. They go more technical sometimes, so if you’re a beginner, this blog can be a little confusing. We recommend this blog to business owners that already know SEO, or agency owners that offer SEO as a service and want to increase their learning.

SEO To Improve Your Business

As we said, SEO can help you rank your website or content on top, and this will increase your leads, and by extension your sales. So if you want to do that for your business, follow these blogs to increase your knowledge of SEO and start implementing those strategies.

If you are an agency and you want to offer quality SEO services to your clients, but don’t have the time or expertise, Hite Digital has you covered. We are a white label fulfillment agency offering digital marketing services as well as general support and resources to our partners.


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