5 Signs Indicating It’s Time to Hire a New PPC Agency

July 22, 2020

Nowadays, pay-per-click advertising is one of the most effective forms of advertising, providing a high return on investment while creating a strong presence on search engines. 

If you have hired a PPC agency with the hope of making you grow and make the most out of your budget, but you’re feeling like you’re not getting what you expected, it might be time to look for another PPC management agency. 

Hite Digital often gets clients that reach out after being unhappy with their old agency. We have collected five signs indicating you’re not receiving the quality of service you deserve, and as a result, it’s time to hire a new PPC agency. 

1. Communication is Poor

We place communication as the first sign because we genuinely believe that, like any other relationship, excellent communication is essential. 

When communication with your PPC agency is poor, trust gets lost even when the campaigns’ performance is doing well. If the PPC manager handling the account doesn’t get feedback from the client, it isn’t easy to maintain good performance. 

Data does help in the decision-making process during a PPC campaign optimization. However, it’s also essential to understand the context of what is going on with the business.

2. Detailed Reports are Not Sent Regularly

You deserve to get a detailed monthly report on the performance of your PPC campaigns. If you’re not receiving them as promised and your PPC manager is not getting in contact with you to inform about problems causing the delays or lack of information, there’s something wrong going on.

Although the agency might use tools or templates to build the reports, when you read and analyze them, they have to feel like the information was processed and easy to understand by someone with not much PPC knowledge. And if there’s something you don’t understand, the agency should be at your reach and be willing to explain it to you.

3. Lack of Proactiveness

Your PPC management agency should be on top of the campaign and let you know when the strategy doesn’t go as planned, but rather than informing the problem; they should already have a solution in mind. 

4. No Growth Opportunities 

The agency shouldn’t be there just to run campaigns. Your PPC campaign manager should also be in the lookout for growth opportunities and inform them to you.

5. Lack of Quality & Constant Errors

When you hire a PPC agency, high-quality services are expected. If you’re spotting several errors and lack of quality, they might not have enough experience. 

Or even if the experience is not the problem, but they are not taking the time to check for misspelled words or grammatical errors in the campaigns and ads, this is a sign of lack of care and poor quality. 

Your Money Worths & If You’re Not Happy You Deserve a Change

Don’t feel bad if you can identify yourself with any of the points mentioned above. You deserve to get the best services for your money. Especially if you have tried communicating your concerns to the PPC agency, and it doesn’t seem like you’re being listened. 

For more information about the quality of PPC management you deserve, we invite you to check Hite Digital’s PPC service.


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