PPC Takeaways From The Coronavirus Outbreak

April 27, 2020

With the coronavirus outbreak, there have been changes in every aspect of our daily life. Even on the Google SERP, people are not searching for the things they used to before this crisis. 

If you own a business and you use PPC and digital marketing advertising, you probably want to be up to date with this information. 

4 Facts & Trends In The PPC Industry During The COVID-19 Outbreak

With the coronavirus outbreak, new trends have appeared as people’s living, spending, and searching habits change.

1. Changing Search Trends

Coronavirus has produced more search volume than the swine flu and zika virus outbreaks in 2009 and 2016. Also, the interest in cleaning and protective products has increased. Only some advertisers will likely benefit from this.

2. New Effects On Performance

Interest levels overall are impacted, especially in the travel industry. Performance is decreasing each time a breaking news headline hits the media. This trend is going to continue for a while, even when the virus spread slows, and travel restrictions lift.

3. Google Shopping 

Governments and health agencies are encouraging people to isolate and take precautions. With this, people are avoiding public spaces, and they’re staying home. However, they still need to buy their everyday products and fill their time at home, so online shopping is the solution. This situation is an opportunity for e-commerce search campaigns to increase in volume over the next few weeks or months.

4. Keyword Volume Increases

This trend is the most obvious one, but coronavirus terms are probably infiltrating your search queries. Even though your account has nothing to do with coronavirus, you should double and triple check your search queries for anything out of place. Don’t think that your account is not being impacted just because you don’t see any virus terms.

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