6 Negative Keyword Generators for PPC

July 22, 2020

Negative keywords are essential on any Pay Per Click (PPC) campaign, and they should be part of the keywords’ research process when creating new campaigns and ad groups. 

Successful PPC campaigns can selectively filter who can see the ads using targeted keywords and negative keywords, saving money from irrelevant traffic and wasted clicks. Some of the noticeable signs indicating the negative keywords are working are getting an increase in conversions, a higher CTR percentage, and a much better quality score. 

Although we all know negative keywords are needed, a common mistake marketers make is stop adding negative keywords when the PPC campaigns start providing excellent results. When, in reality, negative keywords should always be part of the optimizations. Regularly, whenever we check the performance of an account, we should always look at the search terms data. 

The more traffic a PPC campaign gets, the more time-consuming it can become to filter out negative keywords, especially when having large accounts with multiple campaigns and ad groups. Whether you’re creating a new campaign or looking for new opportunities and ways to improve performance, negative keyword generators for PPC come up handy. 

At Hite Digital, our Digital Marketing Strategists have collected a list of universal negative keywords we all use when creating new campaigns. We prefer the traditional method of manually scanning and selecting negative keywords based on data. However, we also make use of online keywords tools, especially during the keyword research process.

Online Keyword Tools for PPC

The following list includes six tools, some of them we have tested and used, and others we’ve found that are very popular among PPC experts.

The keyword tools mentioned above are not entirely designed as negative keyword generators for PPC; when you use them, you’ll get positive keyword suggestions; however, they do work as a starting point to find potential negative keywords. 

Semrush PPC keyword tool, for example, does a pretty good job of helping stay organized and manage keywords on already converting PPC campaigns. It makes keyword changes suggestions, such as removing conflicting and repetitive keywords, as well as helping filter out irrelevant keywords.

Get The Tools You Need to Become More Efficient

Give a chance to the keyword tools; they will help you save time during your optimizations, especially if you’re a one-person show. But also don’t forget time to time to go on and manually check the search terms results, all of these will help and avoid wasting money on undesirable clicks. 

Also, if you’ve been trying to grow your agency, but you have too much on your plate. We invite you to look at our PPC services.


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