5 Marketing Strategies

To Make Your Roofing Company Successful

Mar 14, 2019

Over the years roofers have been generating leads on a typical mouth to mouth strategy. Now things have changed. People are now turning to Google to find the services they need so if you own a roofing company, you need to be prepared. Here are 6 affordable marketing ideas that will work for any roofing company whether your business is big or small.

1. Be ready to be Googled

People in your area are most likely jumping on google to look for “roofers near me”, “roofers in (city name)” etc. In order to find the right terms to target you will need to conduct some keyword research. By doing this you can find the right keywords that won’t be so competitive and will rank your roofing business high on the search engine results page.

After doing this you cannot forget to claim your business on Google My Business. Not only is it easy and free but your business will get much more attraction.

When you set up your Google My Business you have the opportunity to :

  • Respond to customer reviews left on Google.
  • Add photos of your business and the work you’ve done.
  • Add your business days and hours
  • Put a clickable phone number that potential clients can reach out to you to.

Google is a huge player in online research, but they aren’t the only ones. There are so many other business directories and review sites you can sign up for.

2. Answer Questions on Your Website

As simple as it may sound, most businesses are not doing it. Customers usually have tons of questions and considering the fact that roof repairs are not very cheap, they will probably so have plenty of doubts to be cleared before moving forward.

“How much does it cost? Can you give me an estimate?”

“Should I repair my roof or buy I new one?”

“Does my insurance cover the repair?”

Most clients will forward to another business if they are not able to find the answers to their questions on your site. Make sure to take this into account and answer all the common questions on your site.

3. Deliver a Personal Touch

Do your customers feel special when they get in contact with you? Or do they just feel like a number?

One simple way to try this out would be to make a simple, friendly phone call to everyone who requests an estimate and just say, “thanks for the opportunity, we look forward to meeting you.”

Obviously, you could customize this message, but taking that small step would make quite an impression on a potential customer.

4. Get Your Website Optimized
Your roofing marketing goal to generate quality leads stands a better chance of coming to fruition when your website favors its execution.

75% of the people that land on your website will judge your business based on what they see on your site.

In general, your website has to be professional, up to date, functional, and easy to use. And since one of its main purposes is to convert those visitors into leads, information of value to them should be easy to find and a compelling call-to-action should be available, so as they are motivated to take an action.

Not only does your website have to be optimized for those on desktop but also on mobile since the majority of your traffic will most likely be coming from people on their phones.

Features that are crucial for your roofing website:

  • Be easy to navigate
  • Be visually appealing
  • Have lead capture forms
  • A section for review and ratings
  • Consistent content
  • Decent load speed

These are just but few of the ways to optimize your roofing website. If you work with landing pages, here is a great article on how to create the perfect landing page.

5. Show your Roof Work Portfolio
Photos continue to find multiple uses when it comes to roofing projects. Some contractors use them to make estimations. Others used them for time-tracking the project.

Beyond these uses, there’s the marketing side where before and after photos contribute to building trust with mostly potential customers.

Photos sort of summarize what you are able to do as a roofing contractor, plus they do much of the explanation that would have naturally taken a lot of time and resources.

Putting these marketing ideas together for a roofing business is not rocket science. Those who adapt to new ways of doing business will be able to succeed. Try to implement these ideas and see how your lead generation will start to speed up! Marketing can do so much for you!


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