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Hite Digital CEO and Franchise VP To Speak At Ad World 2021

April 27, 2021

Ad World is one of the largest online events for digital marketers in the world, and this year, they’re taking their annual conference online. From May 3-5, Ad World will stream speeches, panels and live Q&A sessions divided into 11+ Digital Advertising Tracks.

Over 50,000 advertisers from all over the world will join the event to share knowledge, learn from their peers, and connect. Ad World has created their own custom-build online platform to stream sessions from 100+ speakers to attendees over the 3 days of the conference. Sessions will be pre-recorded.

Hite Digital’s Speakers

This year, 2 of the speakers will come from leading digital marketing agency Hite Digital. With 6 franchises across the United States and headquarters in Latin America, Hite is an innovative agency focused on scaling other agencies through white label, and more recently, a new franchise model.

CEO JC Hite and VP of Franchise Development Jeff Zelaya will both speak at Ad World. JC’s session, called “Will Small Agencies Survey the Next 5 Years? Trusted Strategies to Future Proof Your Business” will discuss how applying a franchise model could change the game for small agency owners, from strategy and quality to legal and operations. JC founded Hite Digital after working at a top PPC agency and has scaled it to 80+ employees and 6 locations in just 3 years.

Jeff, meanwhile, will lead a session called “Ad Sales 101,” which will cover sales strategies from finding accounts to personalizing your outreach, creating a presentation, and closing the deal. Jeff has a decade of experience in sales and marketing, including many years as Sales Director at different companies.

Official Q&A Chat Room Sponsor

Aside from these sessions, Hite Digital is also sponsoring Ad World’s Q&A Chat Room. Most sessions include a Q&A at the end where speakers can address attendees’ questions and start conversations. Hite joins other Ad World sponsors, including TikTok, Unbounce, Shopify.



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