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Ready to join your second family? Get to know our team culture, learn what makes you a fit for Hite, and explore our open positions.

Who We Are

Companies love to say “at this company, we’re a family.” But at Hite Digital, we are a real family: a group of unique, imperfect people who love to be together and support each other no matter what. We have a very open relationship and like to have fun and work hard.

Digital marketing is just the work we do. More important to us are our values and our community of teammates, clients, partners, and more. At Hite, you can grow, learn, and become who you want to be, and we help you get there.

Hite Digital

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Why Hite?

Develop Yourself

We constantly provide spaces for you to learn new skills and products and move into new roles. Through speakers, training, workshops, coaches, and mentors, you’ll have the opportunity to develop yourself professionally AND personally.

Live Your Values

We strive to live our values every day. We create a family-friendly environment (including an in-office nursery) where everyone is welcome and safe. We also offer school benefits to ensure our team’s families get the best education possible.

Work and Play

Our office culture is like no other. We celebrate our wins and build each other up. When it’s time to work, we work hard, and we also unwind with bowling trips, volleyball and soccer tournaments, team outings, epic end of the year trips, and more.

Staff Testimonials

We believe in honesty, fun, accountability, unconditional support, hard work, quality time, and not taking ourselves too seriously.

"I foresee the opportunity of building a career"

My knowledge has expanded exponentially. I foresee the opportunity of building a career at Hite, and I have the opportunity to make a difference by guiding others.

Grethel Alvir
Product Director

"Helping me become the person who will serve others"

“I am involved in a leadership training with a leadership coach who is helping me become the person who will serve others and help them grow.”

Product Manager

"Challenges that force me to get out of my comfort zone"

“Hite gives me challenges that force me to get out of my comfort zone, get creative, research, and train.”

Digital Marketing Engineer

Are you right for Hite?

To join Hite, you have to fit into our family. Every family has a set of values and beliefs that set the foundation for their home, and in the Hite Digital “household,” those values define how we relate to each other.


You’re awesome


Open to feedback


Ready to collaborate


Want to grow


Strive for excellence


Have positive energy and sense of humor

Finding the Right Fit

At Hite, we want to know more about each person we hire. We ask all applicants to make a short Video of Awesomeness telling us about themselves and why they want to work with us.

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