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The Hites is a blog that is dedicated to help small businesses grow and is focused on the Sales Funnel as a whole from lead generation, to the perfect proposal, to closing the sale. Through this site they produce content, recommend different technologies to help with the sales funnel and also offer consulting to a select few companies.
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Our Methodology

Consultive Approach Consultive Approach
Although our focus is marketing, we understand that what our clients care about is SALES. Once our customers become a part of our agency, we immediately set up weekly or biweekly meetings depending on the client’s needs where we focus not only on the marketing, but the Sales Funnel as a whole.
ROI Driven ROI Driven
At the end of the day, most of our clients are in business to make money. We take this very seriously and do everything in our power to go above and beyond to make sure we are giving our clients the largest margins possible.
The Right Clients The Right Clients
Step 1 before clients sign up with us is to see if we can help serve them. We take a lot of pride in our audits where we make sure we can not only take care of the client, but give them a profit and help them grow.
No Contracts No Contracts
We are relational in how we do business and don’t believe in tying down clients the clients we have are with us because they love the way we do business, our affordable rates and amazing team members.

Get a FREE audit consultation of your marketing...

Get a FREE audit consultation of your marketing...

"I've been working with Hite Digital for over 2 years. They continue to impress me with their amazing service and desire knowledge of Digital Marketing. I'd recommend them to anyone!"


Adam B.
-ACT 360,

"The Hite’s have been an integral part of our agency’s growth and went above and beyond to help."

-Smith Services,